madrs y peques

Semillas Joyful Beginnings meet in a nurturing setting where support and friendship grow out of weekly conversations with other parents and a facilitating teacher, while the babies and toddlers explore their world.
In the first three years, children develop, as if by a miracle, the three fundamental capacities of being human: they walk upright, they learn to talk, and they awaken to their individuality.

Striving to counteract the fast paced mentality of today, our parent-child classes support parents in creating a nurturing, rhythmical environment for their children.peques en chorrera

Through quiet observation, parents deepen their own intuitive knowledge and discover new ways of being with and loving their children. Special attention is given to support the unfolding of children’s interests, motor abilities, social interactions, and problem solving skills.

The classes also cover topics such as care and protection of the senses, rhythms and routines, sleep, health and nutrition. Many of the difficult questions which face parents today are explored in a spirit of inquiry and mutual respect. Rather than subscribing to yet another set of parenting rules, parents create a true community of vaues by becoming ever more conscious of their responsibilities.

  • mamas pequestry out new physical skills rolling, crawling, climbing with age-appropriate play equipment and the support of adults
  • meet other children in their stage of development and gain new age appropriate social capacities
  • enjoy a child-friendly environment with simple toys
  • free play
  • share a simple snack


  • share lap games, nursery rhymes, soups and games to play at home
  • discover new tips for care giving such as diapering, dressing, feeding
  • work on long-term hand work projects as pedagogical tools
  • form community with other parents

Program has a duration of 12 sessions and are guided by Elsa Arenas who has 19 years experience on Waldorf Early Childhood. Happens each semester.