Our Mission

  • The mission of SNH is to educate independent thinking people who meet life with courage and respond with initiative and creativity to the needs of the world and their fellow human beings.

Our Vision

  • A unique experience of learning in a very supportive environment.
  • A curriculum that supports our kids’ individual interests and supports their creativity.
  • To help our kids grow into open-minded, conscious, and fulfilled human beings, who are aware of their own and other’s positive potentials.
  • Strongly ecological in orientation, committed to helping our kids recognize the interconnectedness and fragility of our biosphere, and their role in helping preserve it.
  • Developing healthy eating habits in childhood can set children up with good eating habits for life. It has been proven that when kids get involved in growing their foods and in the preparation of their own meals they are more open to eating it. SNH will provide well balanced vegetarian lunch*. Snacks will be based on fruits, veggies and gluten free goods. Vegan options available. No junk food or sodas allowed in school premises.
  • Equal importance on English and Spanish language both spoken and written.