Welcome to Semillas para una Nueva Humanidad (Seeds for a New Humanity-SNH), a young, natural, organic learning environment in the borderline of Aguada and Rincon, on the west coast of Puerto Rico. We provide an independent form of education that creates independent thinkers. Education for the love for learning. Learning that inspires. Learning that endures. Learning that your children will treasure forever.

Children need an education that prepares them for the future; a future we cannot yet see but one that will take courage, sensitivity and perseverance. At SNH, our Waldorf inspired curriculum integrates each student’s developmental needs with intellectual and artistic skills. Our deeply committed faculty works together to foster each student’s sense of self-reliance, concern for community, moral purpose and ecological awareness.

Mainstream education is failing our children. It forces us to choose between academics and the arts. Between free play and structured study. Between analytical thinking and creative thinking. But those are false choices. They result in an education that is expedient, but lacks substance. They leave our children empty and limit the brilliance of their possibility.

It’s time to rethink what’s possible. It’s time to reclaim the future for our children. It’s time to refresh our notions of what education can and should provide. Your children deserve an education that fills them with beauty, meaning and wonder. They deserve an education that’s joyful, creative, thorough, advanced and substantive. They deserve an education that touches every part of who they are.

Semillas obtained its Green Flag in August 2015 for its excellent sustainability and environmental practices.

Semillas obtained its Green Flag in August 2015 for its excellent sustainability and environmental practices.

Our ecological school, inspired on the Waldorf pedagogy, is located on a 5-acre peaceful oasis surrounded by nature in the borderline of Rincon and Aguada. It is the first Puerto Rican school to be featured by the Green School Alliance, proud member of the Eco Schools program. In August 2016, the school was awarded its Green Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education(FEE), which recognizes schools around the globe for its excellent sustainability practices.

We welcome students of all nationalities, ethnicity, and spiritual backgrounds. It is intended to grow year by year with our students until they finish high school. On the school year 2015-16 we will go through 7th grade and so on.